I am named Illishan Althira. The tale I weave is as dramatic and woeful as the song I just sang.

It has been 2900 years since the world ended. And luckily, we’re all still here. The gods that we will never know separated the world from it’s own source of power, And pressed the outer realm against itself to hold back the The End. All of their divine power was dispersed, and thrown to our realm. Their realms dispersed with them. The cataclysm of the gods was immense Causing untold destruction. if you lived, that was only because you happened to not be next to a holy symbol at the time. Even the gods didn’t know this fact. And even if they did, would it have mattered to the truly faithful? Would they not try to make sure that it wasn’t some trick first? Every single one of them, and every likeness of their gods detonated with energy.

There isn’t anything left of them, so far as I know. As it has been a long time since all of this occurred, I’m not certain of anything however. What I am certain of, is that most of the ruins of the cities of old haven’t been explored yet. But there is most definitely a problem with this! There are too many to choose from. If I am right, we don’t have much time left. But we must find a way to stave off this recurring apocalypse. I believe it to recur every 3 millennia, but why it recurs is a mystery. It is enough for me to question my own mind. I cannot continue anymore, so I’m going to retire to my village to work on my memoirs.

For all of you, I have a immediate task, and an ongoing one. The ongoing task (deep breath) is to prove my sanity, and somehow reverse what is happening to our world. The immediate task, and by immediate, I do mean now, is the rescue of one Isabel Anrio. I’m asking a lot, as I’m asking you to enter The Rift. Descend into The Rift, and rescue her. I will not offer a reward for this, but… She is a kind soul. You may very well get hers at the Wall City of Dean. Rescue her, and complete her quest, and her reward will be yours, and the so will the incredible thanks of Dean. Can I count on you for completion of these tasks?

Borrowing another day